About Us!

I am Jodina and have had a great love for the Toy Poodle breed since my first girl, Ebony Lou Franchesca was with me as a child, until 12 years of age. She made me realize how intelligent and loving a toy poodle could be. Thus my love grew for this awesome breed and I have now had the wonderful opportunity to raise beautiful poodle babies of my own.

I enjoy the company and help of Hubby, Derrick and our 4 Children who help a lot with puppy socializing. They are quite adept at it as they have been their grandma’s puppy socializers for her German Shepherd and Golden Retriever puppies since very young ages.

Our puppies come from a home filled with love. They enjoy the company of our 2 beagles , Shay and Max along with our German Shepherd Girl, Anna.

We put a lot of work into producing quality puppies from healthy parents assuring worry-free years of enjoyment with your new baby. Our goal is for you to have a happy, healthy family pet to enjoy. Of course, due to the expenses and efforts we invest in your new little one, we also expect a few things from you such as good feeding, proper exercise, lots of love and proper vet care to keep your little one as happy as possible.

We are always here 24/7 with complete back-up, and support for any Precious Poodles puppies their entire lifetime. Raising puppies is a serious commitment. Please think carefully Before getting a puppy. Puppies take a lot of hard work, dedication, expenses, and clean up but when all is said and done, the rewards are priceless!

Thank you for stopping by!
~Jodina, Derrick, and our wonderful family!

God Bless America!!!

We believe and stand on John 3:16

God Bless our Troops!! Thank you for your service.