Precious K.C Girl Mocha

Thank you Shiori for the cute pictures and compliment “She makes us smile all the time!” Love seeing this cutie on Instagram!! She is beautiful!!

Precious K.C Boy Noah

Thank you Marquita for the adorable pictures. What a wonderful job.

Lola K.C Girl Zara

Thank you William and family for giving Zara such a wonderful home. Beautiful family.

Lola K.C Boy Kee Kee

Thank you Bonnie for giving Kee Kee such a wonderful home. “He is the sweetest most loving dog ever. He is my loved pal. He has brought so much richness. My husband says he’s the sweetest dog he has ever had.”

Lola K.C Girl Miss Mia

Thank you Lynn for giving Mia such a wonderful home. “It’s like she has always been with us. I just love her. I am one happy lady!” This beautiful girl went from princess to Diva.

Adopting Precious Poodle Paws from Jody

My husband and I are “poodle people”. We were still in college when my husband went away on a baseball trip for spring break. My parents’ dog had given birth to three poodle puppies. My husband’s last words before he left were that I shouldn’t come back with one of those puppies. Of course, I did! BamBam was in our bed the first night (my husband couldn’t stand to hear him cry). And so it goes….for 46 years we have had poodles. I always told my husband that only real men could walk poodles with pink collars and pink leashes! He never minded! Through the years we have loved our poodle babies. However, the one noticeable difference was how each one was prepared to come to a new home. That’s where” precious Poodle paws” from Jody makes a big difference.


Three years ago we lost our sweet Amber. She had congestive heart failure and it ended up we were the ones with broken hearts. Several onths later we brought a little male pupp, Teddy, into our home. I just coudn’t bring myself to get another female at the time. Teddy stretched us to the max with his unusual personality and characteristics. He had about every bad habit to be imagined. I was exhausted from trying to work with him partly because he didn’t sleep! As time went on and we managed to understand his personality, the desire for another poodle kept coming to mind. I searched the websites and saw Jody’s advertisement for a little male named Noah (probably because I really wanted a female).


From that time on, I developed a relationship with Jody and learned about her goals in preparing a puppy to go to his/her new home. I was amazed at how much time she and her family spent with each litter. They are held and played with -potty training started- and come ready to make their new family happy. She feeds them Orijen, and adds NuVet supplements for extra support. For many months, Jody and I communicated on Facebook or by email. We ended up just talking about puppies because we both love them. She never knew if  indeed I would end up with one of her puppies.


My husband and I were always aware of the extra expense in getting one of Jody’s puppies- $900 isn’t cheap and we had NEVER paid that much money before. Long story short, we ecded up going for it and I let Jody know we were ready to take the plunge for our female. Jody, knowing Teddy’s background, chose the puppy she felt would interact best with him. She was “on the money” so to speak because little Mia is perfect for Teddy and for us. She is an absolute delight! From the moment she saw us she has been wagging her tail and is totally bonded. She adjusted so easily to our family and I believe that is because of Jody’s preparation. That kind of preparation makes a huge difference and IT IS WORTH THE EXTRA MONEY! There are certainly no regrets on our part. And here’s the Proof: My husband didn’t really want to get a second puppy because of all the extra expense with vet bills, grooming, etc. (Bless him for realizing how much I really wanted a female.) Recently he looked at our ” precious poodle pup” and said, “Mia is amazing!” We both see the difference because of what Jody and her family have accomplished with our new baby.

Lola K.C Girl Miss Luna

Thank you Chris and family for giving Luna such a wonderful home. “She seems to be adjusting well. We just love little Luna” Miss Luna is such a doll baby!!  Weighing in at just a little 5lbs. “She loves to play fetch with her toys and  be outside. She’s a very lovey puppy she loves to give kisses and keep track of everyone. When our sone was sick she didn’t leave his side until he felt better. She likes people. She likes to ride in the car with the window down. We love her very much she’s our little baby.”

Daphne K.C Girl Miss Stella

Thank you Jane for giving Miss Stella such a good home. ” She is beautiful. The groomer said she was the best!” Miss Stella weighs 6.2 pounds. What a beautiful girl!!

Daphne K.C Girl Miss Gracie

Thank you Sheila and Tom for giving miss Gracie such a good home. She looks so excited to go on a bike ride. So sweet!!  “We just love her to death she is such a good dog” “She’s the best dog ever “Shes’s beautiful and such a good girl” “We love her so much” So proud of Miss Gracie for graduating obedience school. Way to go!!!

Daphne K.C Girl Miss Jackie

Thank you Jennifer for giving Miss Jackie such a good home. “Thank you for raising such an amazing breed. She has been really good and brings us such joy.” “You did an amazing job” “She is very spoiled and a little celebrity around here” “My neighbor comes out just to see her she has a lot of visitors that come just to play with her” ” Even the vet’s secretary loves her” This beautiful princess weighs 7 pounds.

Daphne K.C Boy MR. Ryder

Thank you Carissa for giving Mr. Ryder such a good home. “We are very happy with him and love him already” “Everyone that meets him loves him” “He is so precious”

Zoey K.C Boy MR. Findlay

Thank you Laura for giving Mr. Findlay such a good home. We are so proud of our first Canadian Puppy Findlay. “Findlay loves his big brother and is always by his side he copies everything he does. Thank you for blessing us with Findlay. Him and his brother are best of buddies Findlay does whatever his brother does it’s so cute!! He has mastered potty training we are so proud of him and how smart he is. He knows his name now and he’s such a nice additon to our family. We love him.” “I’ve never witnessed to males be as close as these two it’s so special!”

Zoey K.C Miss Ginger

 Thank you Barbara for giving Ms Ginger a great home. “Just a couple of photos to let you know that Ginger is doing well and loves the water.  My grandkids look forward to seeing her every time they come over.”

Zoey K.C Mr. Jack

Thank you Shari for giving Mr. Jack a very good home. “Everything is fine, and he is a very fast runner.  He almost keeps up with Mia. I have treat type games and he has figured them out in 1 hour.  Smarty pants.:) “

Zoey K.C Mr. Chip

Congratulations to Olesya and family on your new baby. Our second Canadian puppy. “Hi Jodina, Chip is doing great. He absolutely loves the backyard and the orijen treats. He loves to play with a tennis ball and for his size he is super fast at going after it. His food he eats only if you hand feed He fits right in and feels like we always had him. He is a perfect match for us. “

Lola J.J Mr. Brutus

Thank you so much Sherry and Henry for giving little Brutus a great home. “Jodina, we would like to thank you for raising such wonderful puppies.  We’d had a Toy Poodle who died about a year ago.  Chloe (the dog) and my husband, Henry, were so attached and he missed her so much.  He mentioned that he was ready for another Toy Poodle.  I had no idea where to find one and so I watched the newspaper hoping I’d see an add.  Of course, there was not one add for a Toy Poodle.  I went to a Toy Poodle site on the web and asked how to find a good breeder.  I had several responses and I read every suggestion they gave me.  After looking for a few days, a lady gave me the name of Jodina’s Precious Poodles.  I looked at your site and saw they were so darling and noticed that you were very particular as to what homes you would place them in for a forever home.  We spoke on the phone and I was also thankful that you were close enough for us to visit and meet you, as well as you, us.  All of Jodina’s puppies had been spoken for but we drove to Findlay, Ohio to put a down payment on the pick of the next litter.  I still can’t believe the moment we walked up on your porch and you were holding this cute little – and I mean little – white Toy Poodle.  You told us that the woman who was to take him called and changed her mind.  You said if we wanted him, he was available or we could wait until the end of summer for the next litter that was due.  We had our hearts on a female dog, only because we had never owned a male, but it was love at first sight.  We went home the owners of this tiny little male and you said we could pick him up the next week after his first shots.  (He’d been too small for his first puppy shot until he was 12 weeks old.)   We asked one another what we were thinking because we had  planned a vacation to drive to the Grand Canyon in August and he’d only be 5 months old.  Well, we told ourselves we’d make it work.  Our Bichon Frise always travels with us and this puppy would be plunged into the life of our family right away.  I’m saying all of this, Jodina, to tell you that he’s a perfect fit.  I think God had this puppy set aside for us.  He is loving, loves to be held and cuddled, and loves to go with us anytime and to anyplace.  His tail is always wagging, no matter what we are doing.  Our vet said we have a darling, healthy puppy and I thank you for your breeding standards and your love for your poodles.  It was so good to know that he was raised inside your home and experienced love and being held by you, your husband and your children.  God bless you as you continue to raise healthy, happy and loving puppies.  By the way, my husband named him Brutus, after the Ohio State University football mascot.  That alone should make him a winner!”

Precious K.C Miss Lilly

Thank you Dave for giving Miss Lilly such a great home. “Hope all is well here is a picture of the quite rambunctious lilly. She’s very playful and such a sweetheart. Keeps my old boy on his toes.

 Zoey ACE Afton


Hi Jodina,

Wanted to send you pics of Afton and a testimonial if you would like to use for your website:
We could not have felt more comfortable working with Jodina and getting our little Afton from her. One of the things I was most impressed by was the home visit we made before we knew we wanted to move forward with getting a puppy from her. Her home is spotless and smells incredibly clean, and upon visiting it is evident how knowledgeable she is about puppy health. She really takes all measures to ensure that the puppies stay healthy and is careful to limit visitations of puppies with the public before they have their vaccinations. Those measures meant a lot to us and helped us feel comfortable that we were working with someone who was educated on raising toy poodles and could help us along the way.
Another area I was incredibly impressed by was the consistency of temperament in the dogs she breeds. On our home visit prior to bringing home Afton, we met several dogs (both puppy and adult) that were all very happy and vibrant. This really helped ease my mind that we weren’t setting ourselves up for nervous tendencies or other downfalls that come with irresponsible breeding.
As for life with Afton, we have  certainly enjoyed his bright little personality – he curious, an excellent observer, and VERY affectionate – all of which made the early puppy months easier. He learns quickly and just settled into our life so well – a testament that he was set up for success from the beginning! I guess what I’m trying to say is, he was WORTH IT! Jodina spends an amazing amount of time and money taking care of these puppies up to the time of adoption and after experiencing life with Afton, I would get another dog from her in a heartbeat. I had no idea what a difference good breeding and careful upbringing could make.
Thanks Jodina for bringing us our perfect little guy – having a puppy was easier than I thought and I never expected the complete JOY that would come from having this little buddy.
Hope all is well with you and your family! We enjoy seeing the updates on your page and keeping in touch with Afton’s siblings!
All the best,

Zoey ACE Miss Mia

After an extensive search, we decided on Jodina’s for our red toy poodle, Piper.   Jodi is a knowledgable breeder with a well structured, family-oriented program; operated out of her home.  Once we made our choice to purchase our poodle, Jodi kept us informed with email and photos on the status of our puppy, starting with the the mom’s pregnancy and throughout the development of the litter.  Jodi was available, easily approachable and open to our many questions.

Our poodle came to us well socialized and loved.   Jodina’s was the
right choice.

Maggie & Steve Uckotter