Kenzy ACE males available CKC registered $1200.00 Each

Puppies are of great quality and looking for great quality homes. We are not into placing puppies in a puppy mill setting. Our babies are raised with the utmost care. They are a part of our family from birth. A lot of care and time goes into bringing you the best healthiest puppy we possibly can.

Tails and Dews are done by our wonderful vet as well as first set of shots and vet check.

We do our best to provide good, healthy, intelligent, puppies for your many years of future enjoyment and like wise expect these puppies to have a safe and loving home to grow up in for their entire liftime. A safe area with light and plenty of fresh air for your puppies safety and wellbeing.
We are here to give advise for the puppy’s entire lifetime. We will welcome back a puppy from Precious Poodles at any time during the puppy/adult dog’s lifetime if you are unable to keep him’her. However, no refund will be offered. It costs to rehome.

Please note that we are not affiliated with any other breeder.
Please feel free to inform us of any interferance with us by any other breeder or person.

The Fine Print:

Please note: Signed Contracts, at time of puppy pick up to go home, Supersede any details found on this web site, any previous emails, any previous phone conversations, or any other website information website information concerning Precious Poodles.

Website information is subject to change without notice.

Please direct any questions to me Jodina. I am a Hobby Breeder. The sole proprietor of Precious Poodles working hard to enrich the Poodle breed for family life and companionship.

Our pricing is subject to change without notice.

Puppy Deposit/ Reserve Policies

Be sure to read all of the Deposit/ /Reserve Policies BEFORE reserving a puppy as recent changes have been made to our reserve policies.

A $100.00 deposit is required to get on a (prebirth)  reserve list or to hold your baby until pick up day at about 8- 10 weeks of age.

The deposit is nonrefundable if you cancel your reserve or puppy purchase at anytime for any reason.

If we don’t get the color/gender of puppy you reserved, the deposit will be placed on another puppy as soon as one is available, or put on a future reserve list if no puppy is available at this time.

If anything should happen to your puppy while in our care it will be placed on  a future litter.

Placing a deposit on any puppy over the age of 12 weeks is a commitment to purchase that particular puppy only. If you cancel the puppy purchase for any reason, the deposit is non refundable and non transferable.

Pricing subject to change without notice. A paid deposit will assure that your puppy price will not change.

Jodinas Precious Poodles reserves the right to keep back pick male and female of any litter at any time.

Jodinas Precious Poodles reserves the right to refuse sale to anyone at anytime in reguards to what is best for the puppy.

About Home Visits

My dogs are kept groomed and ready to be seen 24/7. Pictures are kept current on my site for parents and puppies.

No puppy is placed in a new home sight unseen isn’t it worth waiting a little while to see the parents if it helps to guarantee you a healthy puppy?

We welcome you to meet our poodle family and puppies, we are just strict about when we allow it. We no longer schedule home visits with pregnant females here or before puppies have had first shots. It’s just to risky for puppies and it guarentees you the best opportunity to take home a healthy puppy. We are not into and do not encourage kennel hopping as it is not good for any puppies and we do not schedule “visits” just for shopping around. Our website clearly shows what we have here and what we are all about. You can easily and confidently confirm all about us when you choose your puppy on puppy pick up days, meet the parents, and see how we raise our babies. We happily post web site litter pictures as the babies grow.

Here at Precious Poodles we always keep the well being of our poodle family, pregnant mommies, and babies at the top of our priorities.

 Sorry, no exceptions.

We have a 100% Parvo-Free record here in our puppies and adults proving that our methods work.

About Puppy Pick up Day

We arrange most pick up appointments on Saturday and/or Sunday.

We do request that you do not visit other kennels, veternarian offices, pet parks, pet stores the day of your puppy pick up and do not wear shoes/ clothes that have been to other places listed above.

Children are always encouraged to visit with you. However, we request that you leave your fur babies home as this is not the place or time to try to introduce them to your new baby properly.

We realize that you can find a puppy at lower cost elsewhere, but we are firm believers that giving the best will produce the best.  Our goal is for you to have a happy, healthy puppy for many years to come.  For this reason, we also, never offer shipping as we want to meet you and for you to meet the parents.

About Registration:
We do send some puppies out with AKC or CKC papers in some instances. We do not promote puppy mill breeders, so some information is shown to you at puppy pick up but not available with the puppy. Breeding Toy poodles is serious work and to never be done in a hap hazard way. All puppies are placed as pets only.

Our parents are from AKC backgrounds and we proudly show their heritage when you visit to get your puppy. Many AKC champions are in their backgrounds including the famous and fabulous Velvet Touch Lines

Kenzy/ACE Male CKC Registered $1200.00 Weighing in at 10 lbs born 6-26-2023