Here at Precious Poodles our parents and babies are given the best care, food, and vet care that we possibly can.  I also do all of the grooming  on all of our beautiful poodles. We would love to share some of our input with you below.

We proudly feed Stella and Chewy Wholesome Grains or Grain Free official dog food testers at
They are known as the Association of American Feed Control Officials (Aafco)

Stella and Chewy Raw Coated Wholesome Grains or Grain Free found at Pet Supplies Plus and Chowhound

Feeding a good quality food not only insures you a healthy puppy but also helps to prevent glucose instabilities as well as an over all healthy dog for many years to come.

NuVet Information:
Our wonderful poodle family also enjoys their NuVet. A wonderful supplement. As soon as our poodles hear the NuVet bottle they can’t wait to sink their teeth into them.  There are way to many good things to say about it. Many health benefits are associated with this wonderful product. We are so happy with the results we get from NuVet that we incorporate it’s use into our written 1 year health guarantee.  You can get more details at
NuVet is offered through breeders. Please contact me for the order code.

About Veternarian Care:
All of our pack family and babies receive expert veterinarian care. We are happy to give reference information upon request. We cannot say enough about this wonderful vet and all he does for our pack. All tail docking, dew claw removal, and first set of shots along with first well puppy check is done only by our vet. All puppies are dewormed at 2,4,6, and 8 weeks of age.

Experienced Care and Breeding:
Raising beautiful babies and healthy companions is my #1 goal. My family and I proudly helped my mom and dad with birthing, grooming, and raising puppies for some time now so many puppy situations are not new to us. We are happy to be here to support you with your new puppy for his or her lifetime.
Also, please know that no girl is bred here that has not been approved by our veterinarian for breeding.  Patellas, Heart, Coat, Hips, and much more are checked before any of our pack is allowed to breed. We also would not breed a male or female that have a bite problem or was over AKC standard of 10 inches at the shoulder for a toy poodle. Although we can not guarantee adult size due to how you may choose to raise him or her, you may have confidence to know that your puppy has arrived from true toy poodles. In some cases, the puppy may turn out smaller due to genetics in the background.